Some frequently asked questions.

What is your role as a Lady Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies?

Are thinking of hiring my services as your lady toastmaster but cannot decide if you feel you would benifit from hiring me, then please let me explain what I can bring to your special day. I have been professionally trained and as your lady toastmaster, I am skilled in the art of people management, I also have excellent communication skills, I will keep you and your guests informed throughout your day. I will make announcements as and when required to, I will ensure time schedules are adhered to and all decisions made by the hosts are implemented. A key element of hiring me as your lady toastmaster is my ability to absorb the pressure from others. I will work very closely with your other suppliers including photographers/videographers, bands, guest speakers, the venue, catering managers and anyone else involved in your big day. I will ensure everyone is working to the same timescale so that your wedding or other function culminates in a successful conclusion.

What’s the difference between a Lady Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies and the Hotel Representative?

You have employed the services of a Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies to manage your event for YOU. A toastmaster wearing their uniform will always add pomp and splendour to your big day. My focus is always on you and your guests having a wonderful time. The Hotel Rep on the other hand is employed by the hotel to carry out a range of responsibilities including organising drinks as well as overseeing the kitchen and waiting staff. This prevents them from dedicating too much of their time to you because of their other responsibilities to the venue.

How long will the Toastmaster stay at the function?

The length of time will vary with each function, if for example there is a church service you may require that I attend that also. If you are having a Civil Ceremony the normal procedure would be for the toastmaster to arrive at least one hour before the ceremony to ensure everything is in place. I am also in place to help with button-holes and corsages as well as assisting your Ushers in seating guests upon arrival. I am happy to stay to the end of the evening to introduce the last dance if required.

What are receiving lines, do I have to have one?

A receiving line is a way of introducing the guests to dignitaries or the bride and groom. As a professional toastmaster and master of ceremonies, I am experienced and know how, when, and in which order these should be announced. It is for the Bride and Groom to decide if a receiving line is required. 

Why choose me as your Lady Toastmaster?

I have been trained to the very high standards, this provides you with a seal of quality service and professionalism. I do However feel that it is imperative that you are confident enough to allow me to work on your for you on your big day, therefore I would recommend that you contact me so we may discuss your requirements for your special day. It is only then that you can you make an informed decision regarding hiring my services.

How soon should we book you as our Lady Toastmaster?

It is recommended that you book me as your lady toastmaster as soon as possible. As I provide a very skilled service, there is always a high demand for me.

How much does the Lady Toastmaster cost?

The services of the Lady Toastmaster will vary depending on the duties required as well as the occasion and location. Please do not hesitate to contact me without obligation. I look forward to your call.